Our Process

1.  Initial Meeting – Discovery Process 

Getting to Know Each Other

Initiating a relationship is crucial, since we are about to embark on a creative journey together.  While each step of the new construction process is important, the discovery session provides an active role in creating a clear vision and basis for the entire lifespan of the project.  I need to know about your personal style.  My job is to listen carefully, so that the design meshes with your ideas. Spending time together allows me to determine the scope of the job and the direction in which to start.

The following is a list of topics that we will discuss during our first meeting.

  • Discuss your relationship with your builder/architect and set up a meeting
  • Your Budget
  • Review existing plans and functions of each room
  • Scope of Project
  • Time Frame for you & builder
  • Review client’s magazine clippings
  • Look at various websites: HOUZZ and Pinterest for further clarity of style desired
  • Review Homes By Blume portfolio
  • Preferred and disliked colors
  • Wood tones
  • Experience with other Interior decorators
  • What Homes By Blume can offer and our hourly charges


2.  Our Ideas & Plan

After additional discussions and visits to your homesite, together we come up with our plan.  What selections need to be made, in what order, and their timeline.  I will have a conversation with your builder and coordinate our plans with him. It is vital to put him at ease, so he is assured that we will meet HIS timelines and not hold up the project.

  • Refer to list on Services Page of selections that may be needed
  • ALL of your choices will include Pricing
  • Coordinate any changes, preferences or concerns with builder


3.  Final Decisions, Ordering, Tracking & Installation

The amount of time that your involved in choosing selections is your decision.  You can accompany me to various vendors, peruse catalogs, internet searches, etc. and join me every step of the way or I can do all of the leg work and communicate several choices for your approval.  Either way is acceptable to Homes by Blume.  Remember, I just want you to be happy and satisfied with the final appearance of your home.

  • Approved Selection:  I will provide a proposal that includes full description of item with dimensions, delivery time, a picture and pricing etc.
  • Final Approval:  Your signature and the required deposit
  • Place orders on behalf of client or convey your choice to builder
  • Will always keep the builder in the loop in a timely manner
  • Track any orders placed and make certain that you never have to be concerned about any of the logistics of item delivery
  • Will take charge of installation, while coordinating with your builder


4.  Bliss

  • You….. the homeowner is ready to move into your dream home. It was a team effort and you are delighted with every detail. Success! It’s time for a real celebration with hors d’oeuvres and bubbly!
  • Congratulations and I hope you had fun!